The new generation hip hop music

The beginning of the Rap era as people called was in the year 1979 with the release of Rapper’s Delight that made waves in the industry that year. Though I don’t have any memories about the Rappers’ Delight as I wasn’t even born at that time, the first time ever that I listened to it was in the year 1997 which Keith Murray, Erick Sermon and Redman sang their version of the original song. But the world of hip hop music has seen a lot of transformations through the decades facing a lot of criticisms and even strayed very far away from its origin.

This genre of music is still very much alive even today and this term of hip-hop refers generally to the hip-hop music. Rather than calling it as music, it is actually a culture which remains to be living until today throughout the world. The music of hip-hop is the rap which is also becoming more and more popular and very much alive though it has undergone a lot of changes throughout the years.

If the rappers of today sounded like the rappers during the 1987s it would have been boring and played out. What is really required in this genre of music is actually creativity and diversity which is very true of today’s available hip hop music. The diversity in the rap music of today is very remarkable indeed.

Lil John’s crunked rap and the great Outcast, Lil’ Wayne and Ludacris’ rhapsodic rap are the popular ones in the south. While Snoop Dogg, E-40 and the raps of The Game are some of the cool ones in the west, the popular rappers of the mid-west are Lupe Fiasco who is known for his comedic style of rap, Kanye West and Common. The veteran touch of Jay-Z, the soft and gleaming rap of Fabolus and the intellectual violence of Nas, etc. are the ones famous in the east. There are a lot more of the hip hop musicians and rappers known for their quality works but these are the few ones that come to everyone’s mind instantly.

Though not every hip-hop musician available today is great or good one can still find a lot of diversity in this genre whoever might be your favorite artist. Rap is thriving successfully and rapidly today and a lot of artists throughout the world are playing major roles in contributing to the music of hip-hop.


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